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Sometimes it feels like our lives are passing so quickly, and we are so busy it’s hard to find the time to relax.

In California we don’t have that trouble. Maybe it’s because of our beautiful sun kissed Pacific coastline or the stunning natural surroundings of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range that makes everyone seem like they are smiling. We think it’s important everyone should have a ‘Californian’ smile from time to time.

Developed in partnership with Fetzer, the Earth Friendly Winery. Bel Arbor catches the essence of the Californian wine making philosophy to bring you a collection of wines that can be enjoyed any day of the week.


From a mouth watering glass of delicate Chardonnay following a hard day at the office to a deliciously sweet White Zinfandel to kick back with following a hard days shopping, Bel Arbor carries all of California’s natural characteristics you’ll love to taste, trust and share.

So sit back, relax and unwind with Bel Arbor, naturally Californian.